Industrial Accident Attorneys

Industrial Accident Lawyers in Mississippi

At Pepper & Odom, P.C. we handle Industrial Accidents claims, workmen’s compensation claims, as well as lawsuits against dangerous employers. Look around and you will readily find that people get hurt on their jobs every day. Sitting in an office chair in high rise is not so dangerous, but go outside and become a window washer and you have whole new level of danger.  In Mississippi and Alabama, we have window washers, and other dangerous jobs such as:

  • Logging;
  • Fishermen;
  • Roofers;
  • Steel mill workers;
  • Construction workers;
  • Painters;
  • Chemical plant workers;
  • Truck drivers;
  • Electric power workers;
  • Farming and ranching;
  • Mining workers;
  • Oil well workers;
  • Warehouse workers;
  • Automotive assembly plants; and
  • A host of other occupations that require men and women to put their lives in harm’s way just doing their jobs.

Industrial companies seek to make a profit, understand that.  Again, industrial companies are in business to make a profit, sometimes at the cost of its employees, getting someone killed or hurt, accidents do happen and must be dealt with by Attorneys you can trust. Just about every industrial company has had some type of accident where someone was hurt.

What is Workmen's Compensation?

Workmen’s compensation is actually a type of insurance. Essentially the companies have mandatory relinquishment of any rights the worker may have against his or her company by agreeing to take the workmen’s compensation if he or she gets hurt on the job. In other words, companies get workers to sign away any rights by accepting its workmen compensation benefits in lieu of suing the company via a direct tort claim. This is known as the “Exclusive Remedy”.

What is a Direct Action Against Your Employer

A Direct Action is when a worker gets hurt on the job and sues the company directly, and foregoes the workmen’s compensation benefits. Companies with fewer than 5 employees are not required to carry Workers Compensation Insurance. Some companies don’t carry Workers Compensation Insurance even though they are required to do so. If you find yourself hurt on the job while working for one of these companies without Workers Compensation coverage, you need to hire an experienced Industrial Accident Attorney to bring a claim against the employer directly.

What is a Third Party Claim

A third party claim is when you are injured while you are on the job, but a 3rd party (not your employer) caused your injuries. If this occurs, you will have two separate legal claims: (1) You will have a Workers Compensation claim since you were hurt on the job, and (2) you will have a separate claim against the person or other company who caused your injuries. Just like in an automobile accident where if party A was rear-ended by party B, A would then sue B’s insurance company and still have a Workers Compensation claim also because party A was in the scope and course of his/her employment.

Types of Injuries We Handle

These are the type of injuries we handle:

  • Loggers being killed or maimed;
  • Fishermen who have died or been hurt on the job;
  • Roofers who have fallen and suffered severe injury;
  • Steel mill workers who have injured;
  • Construction workers who have been injured;
  • Painters who have fallen from ladders and suffered severe injury;
  • Chemical plant workers who have suffered chemical burns and fires;
  • Truck drivers who have killed or been injured at work;
  • Electric power workers who have died due to electrical shock or fallen;
  • Farming and ranching workers who have been disfigured or maimed;
  • Mining workers who have died or been injured;
  • Oil well workers who have died or been injured;
  • Warehouse workers who have been injured or fallen;
  • Automotive assembly plants who have been injured; and

Other occupations where men and women are hurt on the job.

Our Mission At Pepper & Odom Injury Attorneys

The Attorneys at Pepper & Odom Law Firm came from blue collar backgrounds where we worked on our family farms and learned the importance of taking care of the people that actually make the world go around, our working men and women.  We are here to help and have years of experience that we will put to work for you, give us a call at Pepper & Odom Law Firm, 601-202-1111.