Workers' Compensation Lawyers in Mississippi

Workers' Compensation Claims in Mississippi

Workers’ compensation is available to most workers if they are injured on the job. At Pepper & Odom, our Mississippi workers’ compensation attorneys are available to discuss the facts surrounding your accident and advise you of your rights. While coverage may be in place, often it is not easy to obtain the coverage you are entitled to for your injuries.

Report Your Injury – Workers’ Compensation

If you are injured on the job, you should immediately notify your employer even if you don’t think the injuries are serious. Failing to timely report your injuries may stop you from being able to bring a claim. You should also be aware that workers’ compensation claims normally have a two year statute of limitations in which to bring a claim; failing to act accordingly could jeopardize your claim.

Types of Benefits

There are several different types of compensation benefits you may be entitled to including:
  • Temporary Total Disability
  • Temporary Partial Disability
  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • Permanent Total Disability
Each type of compensation is different, and our workers’ compensation lawyers can help you understand your claim and what type claim you have. If you are injured on the job and workers’ compensation benefits are available, you may be entitled to:
  • medical benefits payable for the rest of your life
  • travel expenses to and from medical treatment centers
  • in the most severe cases, death benefits payable to the dependents of the deceased along with limited funeral expenses

We Help Victims Injured on the Job – Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Mississippi

If you or a loved one have been injured while working on the job or you have questions, call Pepper & Odom Law Firm now and speak with one of our attorneys. We offer hospital visits for your convenience. In Mississippi call 601-202-1111 or use the ‘Free Case Consultation’ form on the website.

More info about Workers Compensation in Mississippi:

There are approximately 800 workers injured on the job in Mississippi each Month! What should a person do in the event of an injury on the job? Report the injury immediately to the employer. Generally, you only have 30 days to report the injury. Notice of the injury and cooperation could jeopardize entitlement to benefits. Even if you think the accident is minor you should always report the injury. How long does a person have to make a claim? The statute of limitations to file a claim is 2 years. There are exceptions and you should speak with a workers compensation attorney. It is always best to hire an attorney sooner rather than later because time is always important in legal matters. How much will it cost me to hire a workers compensation attorney? Attorney fees are set by statute in Mississippi at 25% contingency fee from the employee’s benefits recovered. You do not pay a retainer nor an hourly fee for your workers compensation claim. Can my attorney help settle my claim without me going to trial? Yes. Your attorney will advise you if the employer’s insurance company makes a fair offer and then your attorney will seek final approval from the Commission. In fact, most cases are settled without having to have a full hearing on the matter. Will I be fired if I file a workers compensation claim? It is possible that you could be fired. However, it is possible the employer will can fire you anyway for any other reason or for no reason at all. Mississippi is a ‘work at will’ state and any employee can be fired for any reason as long as it’s not a civil rights issue such as discrimination for race or religion. Are there any benefits if a worker is killed on the job? Yes. If a work injury causes death, benefits are payable to the dependents of the deceased for a maximum of 450 weeks as well as a $2,000 funeral allowance, and a lump sum of $250 to the surviving spouse. How long are medical benefits payable to an injured employee? Medical benefits can be payable for life if necessary, although there are some limitations. However, if you are awarded a lump sum settlement you may agree to end the medical payment.

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