workers' compensationEmployers in most states have a legal obligation to provide benefits to cover your medical bills, a portion of lost wages and other accident-related expenses if you’ve been injured on the job. At Pepper & Odom, P.C., our Mississippi workers’ compensation attorneys have years of experience handling all types of workers’ compensation cases and can help to ensure you get the maximum benefits to which you are entitled.

What To Do If You’re Injured At Work

If you are injured on the job you need to seek medical attention and notify your supervisor, HR department or employer immediately. Your employer is then required to make a report of the injury and notify their insurance company and the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission. Worker’s Compensation claims usually have a two-year statute of limitations in Mississippi, but it’s vital to report your injury within 30 days of the incident. Even if you don’t think your injuries are serious, failing to report them in a timely manner may stop you from being able to bring a claim. There are exceptions, so it’s vital to seek the counsel of a skilled worker’s comp lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the workers’ compensation process in Mississippi.

Types of Mississippi Worker’s Comp Benefits

There are several different types of workers’ compensation benefits, including:

  • Temporary Total Disability
  • Temporary Partial Disability
  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • Permanent Total Disability

Each type of compensation is different–if you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury or your injury caused a permanent disability, you may be entitled to lifelong medical benefits. If you are awarded a lump sum settlement, you may agree to end medical payments. Our workers’ compensation attorneys in Mississippi can determine which type of compensation is appropriate for your situation and help you understand your benefits.

Other benefits may include travel expenses to and from medical treatment centers and death and funeral benefits, which are payable to the dependents of the deceased. In some cases, you may be able to file a third-party lawsuit to recover damages for pain and suffering and other losses, particularly if your injury was caused by a defective or harmful product.

Why Do I Need An Attorney To Handle My Workers’ Comp Claim?

Unfortunately, many employers and their insurance companies try to avoid paying a fair settlement or will deny your workers’ comp claim altogether. Our Mississippi workers’ comp lawyers will fight to protect your interests and negotiate to ensure you receive the compensation to which you are entitled. If a fair agreement is reached, your attorney will seek final approval from the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission. Most cases are settled with no need for a full hearing on the matter.

Contact A Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Mississippi

If you’ve been injured or have lost a loved one due to a workplace injury, our experienced Mississippi workers’ comp lawyers can help. Contact us online to schedule a free consultation, or call 601-202-1111. If you are unable to travel due to your injury, we can meet you at home or the hospital for your convenience.