What To Do When Your Uber Or Lyft Is In A Car Accident

Uber and Lyft can provide a convenient way to get to work, school, or celebrate a night out on the town, but even the most conscientious drivers can be involved in a car share accident. The personal injury lawyers at Pepper & Odom, P. C. protect the rights of injured victims who have been hurt in Uber and Lyft crashes. If you’re involved in a car share accident, taking these steps can help to ensure you get the medical care and compensation you need for any damages you may have suffered.


Call 911 and seek medical attention. Regardless of whether you think you’re injured, calling 911 or local authorities after a rideshare accident is vital. Symptoms of your injuries may not be apparent right away, and an EMT or emergency room physician may be able to detect medical problems that could have serious repercussions. In addition, police who arrive on the scene can sort out what happened and provide valuable documentation of the accident and your injuries, which can help hold all responsible parties accountable. When you speak to the police, be honest and open about what you witnessed and ask for a copy of the police report.

Gather information. Get the rideshare driver’s first and last name, contact information, and insurance card. If other motorists were involved, make sure to collect their info as well. You should also ask any witnesses for their contact information. Their statements or testimony can help provide a picture about how a car share accident may have occurred. It’s also a good idea to jot down notes or use the voice recorder on your phone to document what happened while it’s still fresh in your mind.

Report the accident on the app. Regardless of how it all shakes out, it’s crucial to report the crash to the car share company as soon as possible, using the proper channels. Uber and Lyft both carry insurance policies with $1 million in liability coverage, but it doesn’t mean they will automatically pay for your medical bills, lost wages, or any other damages you may suffer due to an accident. Depending on the circumstances, the driver’s own auto insurance policy or another at-fault party’s insurer may be liable.

Take photos. Taking pictures and video of the scene, damage to vehicles, your injuries, and anything else that may be relevant can back up a potential personal injury claim down the road.

Contact a car share accident attorney. Before speaking with any insurance adjusters, it’s vital to speak with an experienced Mississippi or Alabama personal injury attorney who can evaluate your case. Do not give a statement, sign anything, or accept a settlement before speaking to a lawyer. Most car accident attorneys provide free initial consultations, regardless of whether they advise you to proceed with your claim.


Claims involving Uber and Lyft drivers can get very complicated, very quickly. For a rideshare company to provide coverage for your claim, a driver must be logged into the app and ‘on the clock.’ If they are not, you may have to seek compensation from their personal auto insurance policy. If other drivers were involved, you may need to file claims with their insurers as well. Dealing with so many different insurance companies can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially when you’re hurt and trying to focus on recovering from your injuries.


Unfortunately, insurance adjusters may attempt to minimize the severity of your injuries and offer paltry settlements or deny your claims altogether. Having a seasoned car share lawyer in your corner can help protect your rights and interests and gives you a better chance of obtaining a recovery. Your lawyer will know how to thoroughly investigate the accident, identify and pursue all possible sources of compensation, handle negotiations with insurers, and fight to help you get the maximum settlement or award you need and deserve.

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After a car share accident, it can be tough to know where to turn. Our experienced personal injury lawyers at Pepper & Odom, P. C. can help you get through challenging times and fight to help make things right for you and your family. Call our Birmingham, Alabama office at 205-250-1107, call 601-202-1111 in Jackson, Mississippi, or contact us online. In addition to serving clients in Alabama and Mississippi, we represent injured victims nationwide, utilizing local counsel.