Personal Injury Trial

Let us continue with the steps of a Personal Injury Attorney’s trial for justice, but first I want you to think about this question: How many professionals do you know who would be willing to get paid on the success of their work?  In other words, do you think your doctor would be willing to wait for his pay until he healed you of your ailments?  What about your mechanic? Your mechanic repairs your car and then says, “Don’t worry about paying me until my repairs have shown to be good repairs.”

Do you think that will happen?  I do not think it will happen either.  However, that is exactly what a Person Injury Attorney does.  At Pepper & Odom Law Firm, we take your case and we only get paid if we collect money for you.  In short, we bear all of the risk while you bear none.  Do you know of anyone else that would do that for you?

STRESS of a Personal Injury Trial

Trials are stressful on all parties.  At Pepper & Odom, we do our best to help you understand what is taking place each step of the way.  Opening statements, as I described previously, are simply telling your story to the jury, and once they are over, the Personal Injury Attorney starts his case in chief.


Presenting his case in chief requires the Personal Injury Attorney to call witnesses to testify about the plaintiff’s injuries and how those injuries occurred by the defendant’s negligence.  The greatest asset that the Personal Injury Attorney has in his possession is his client, the Plaintiff.  Calling the Plaintiff to testify about his/her injuries, the negligence of the Defendant and what it is like living with those injuries has proven time and again to be invaluable to the Personal Injury Attorney.  Questions on direct examination are like the following:  What happened on July 31, 2016?  Where were you driving on that date? Who was riding with you?


Once the Personal Injury Attorney has asked you questions, the defense lawyer will get a chance to cross-examine you.  Cross-examination is a fancy way to say they will ask you questions which are leading, and an example will follow: Isn’t it true you were driving too slow when you were rear-ended? Isn’t true you weren’t paying attention to the road?  Did you have permission to drive that car? The questions are endless in a Personal Injury Trial


This questioning of witnesses goes back and forth until all witnesses have been called and questioned.  At that time, the Plaintiff will rest and the Defendant will call their own witnesses trying to prove their case. This happens in every Personal Injury Trial.


I am Personal Injury Attorney Daniel C. Jones of Pepper & Odom Law Firm.  I am a personal injury Attorney because I help people put their lives back together after they have been wrongly injured by someone.  At Pepper & Odom Law Firm, we have years of trial experience putting on our case in chief that we will put to work for you, give us a call at Pepper & Odom Law Firm, 601-202-1111

By: Attorney Everett Pepper

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