Neck Injuries

neck injuries

85 percent of all neck injuries happen in rear-end collisions. This inspired Dr Dellanno to investigate the effectiveness of head restraints and discovered that they did very little to prevent hyperflexion-hyperextension cervical injury (whiplash). Measurement of the distance from the head was up to 6 inches, so at the point of impact the head is thrust back with enough force to tear ligaments and even rupture discs. He further stated that the head restraint should be no further than one inch from the head, which significantly changes the force upon the ligaments and discs. He also recommended that they are designed for the head and the neck as well.

Impact testing on crash dummies at Wayne State University Biomechanical Laboratory in Detroit showed tested a device designed like this and revealed a 50% reduction in the neck’s force during a rear-end collision.

When you are involved in a rear-end collision, many do not feel the effects immediately following the impact. This pain can manifest up to 2 weeks later especially if you are suffering from low back pain as well so it is important to tell your health care provider as much information as possible on the first visit and if things change, that is entirely possible and still related to the impact.

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