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Were You Hurt in a Motorcycle Crash?

Millions of people across the country enjoy riding a motorcycle for pleasure and for transportation to and from work. Due to the small size of motorcycles as compared to other vehicles on the road, they are often overlooked by other motorist. Motorcycle accidents happen too often in Mississippi and Alabama, and often result in very serious injury or death.

Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than other drivers of automobiles. They are also 5 times more likely to sustain serious injuries when involved in a collision.

  • There are approximately 55,000 motorcycles registered in Mississippi.
  • There is on average 50 deaths of motorcyclist each year.
    Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
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  • To compare, there is approximately 1.14 million registered automobiles in Mississippi.
Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents include cars making left hand turns, head-on collisions, hitting fixed objects, road conditions, weather conditions, and lane splitting.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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