Mississippi Car Wreck Doctor

Mississippi Car Wreck Doctor

After a car wreck in Mississippi, one of the first things you will need to find is a Mississippi car wreck Doctor that can treat you for any injuries you received from the motor vehicle accident. It is important that you get treatment as soon as possible after being involved in a collision. We can help you find the right doctor for your medical treatment needs.

Do All Doctors Treat Patients That Are Injured In A Car Wreck?

No. You may quickly find that your regular family doctor with whom you have been seeing for years will not treat you for your personal injuries. Why, you may ask? The answer is that some doctors are resistant to treat personal injury patients who have been hurt in a car wreck because they don’t want to eventually become involved in legal matters that often arise after the collision. However, we have an extensive list of doctors who WILL treat you after a car wreck.

Should I Seek Treatment Immediately?

YES! It is very important that you get medical treatment as soon as possible. Usually you will want to visit the ER if you are involved in a motor vehicle crash because you may have internal injuries that may not be observable to you or the first responders on the scene. Sometimes you may not become sore until hours or days after the wreck. Next, you will likely need to visit a General Practitioner Doctor or “GP”. This Doctor will be your primary treating Doctor for the duration of your care until you are well. If your injuries are severe enough then you will likely be referred from your GP Doctor to a Specialist Doctor which may include a Surgeon if surgery is necessary. Your injuries may be such that you need Physical Therapy “PT” treatment. Many car wreck victims need to visit a Chiropractor for adjustment and alignment issues resulting from the motor vehicle collision.

How Can I Get Treatment When I Don’t Have Medical Insurance?

An experienced Mississippi car wreck Doctor will understand the at-fault driver was responsible for your injuries and they should pay – not you. Your own automobile insurance may also have a Medical Payment provision known as “Med Pay” in Mississippi. Other states have similar insurance call “PIP”. Med Pay is no fault insurance in place specifically for paying a party’s medical expenses.  Experienced auto accident Doctors often agree to work with your attorney to go ahead and treat you and wait to be paid out of your settlement once your attorney settles your case if you don’t have any medical insurance.

I Have Medical Insurance But My Doctor Won’t Treat Me, Why?

If you have Medicaid or Medicare, then your Doctor may not be interested in treating you because Medicaid & Medicare receive huge discounts when they pay the doctor’s bills. If you are seeking treatment from a doctor who is not experienced with treating personal injury patients, you may meet with resistance. Don’t worry, we can help you find a Mississippi car wreck doctor who will be happy to treat you, plus you will get the added benefit that the doctor will understand how to properly document your medical records which will make your case worth more when you hire a personal injury attorney. Call Pepper & Odom law firm at 601-202-1111 today for more information on how we can assist you in finding the right Mississippi car wreck Doctor. Mississippi Car Wreck Doctor