Mississippi Auto Insurance

Mississippi offers a number of the foremost scenic and uncrowded roads within the country. Although there are only two million licensed drivers, Mississippi is one among the states with the highest traffic fatalities. Many of those fatalities could be prevented — a study found that half the individuals who died weren’t wearing their seatbelts. Here we discuss Mississippi Auto Insurance.

Ensure your personal safety and others on the road by always wearing your seatbelt, ensuring your car is in good operating condition and by having the acceptable amount of auto insurance just in case of an accident. When buying automobile insurance, consider these points to seek out the simplest deal: go searching to match prices. Different companies offer rates that change consistent with details like your vehicle, location and driving record. Select a better deductible to scale back your premium. Put aside enough money to satisfy the deductible. Bundle your home and auto insurance with a company for multi-policy discounts. Ask your employer for insurance discounts. Some larger companies offer employees a lower rate with a specific insurance company.

Best automobile insurance companies in Mississippi

To select the simplest Mississippi auto insurance companies, we compared their ratings from the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey, AM Best and then the Better Business Bureau.

Alfa Insurance came in with 4/5 stars overall from J.D. Power, scoring above average across all categories including price, policy offerings, the billing process, interactions, and claims process.

Geico earned a mean rating of 3/5 five stars in every category of the survey. Geico has many discounts and coverage options so you’ll get multiple policies from an equivalent provider.

Nationwide received an overall rating of 3/5 although it scored below average in policy offerings and price. Nationwide features a sort of coverage options so you’ll customize your insurance plan.

State Farm earned 4/5 stars, although customers found the insurer doesn’t have the foremost competitive prices unless the customer can cash in of a number of the various discounts.

Finding the proper cheap auto insurance in Mississippi

No two individuals or auto insurance companies are alike. When checking out the simplest cheap automobile insurance, compare insurers to seek out the simplest policy for your needs. Alfa Insurance rewards good drivers with a clean record usually find the simplest deals.

Cheapest Mississippi auto insurance rates for students

State Farm State Farm leads the competition when it involves special student pricing. Save 25% on vehicle insurance “just for getting good grades”. The savings last even after you graduate from college –until the age of 25.

Cheapest Mississippi auto insurance for people with low credit

Geico allows credit score to affect auto insurance rates because insurers find drivers with poor credit higher risk and more likely to file claims or not pay their premiums. Geico offers the most cost-effective auto insurance for low-credit drivers. A 2019 study by U.S. News found Geico’s premiums to be rock bottom at $1,644 vs. $2,053 for subsequent cheapest provider, Nationwide.

Cheapest Mississippi auto insurance for people with a previous accident: Nationwide Nationwide’s Accident Forgiveness Program forgives one previous accident so you’ll start with a fresh start and a lower premium. you’ve got to shop for it as an addition to your auto insurance, but it’s likely to offset your monthly premium increase after an accident.

Average auto insurance cost in Mississippi

Mississippi auto insurance rates rank within the middle of all states consistent with the Insurance Information Institute. the typical insurance expenditure is $858.64 and therefore the monetary value of insurance only is $471.70. The breaks down the average for Mississippi auto insurance prices by analyzing what a driver would buy full coverage (comprehension and collision coverage of $50K/$100K/$50K) with a $500 deductible: State minimum insurance requirement (liability only) $603.00

Full coverage for an honest driver with good credit history $1,662 Full coverage for drivers with a credit score of under 580 $3,410.00 Full coverage for drivers with a superb credit score over 799 $1,555.00 Full coverage for drivers with accidents, DUI or a poor driving record $1,625.00 to $2609.00 Full coverage for an 18-year-old driver $6,716.83 Auto insurance discounts in Mississippi.

Not researching what sorts of Mississippi auto insurance discounts are available is leaving money on the table. You’ll earn discounts for belongings you might not have realized are possible. A number of the foremost common discounts which will allow the maximum amount as 25% includes: Anti-theft equipment that deters thieves from targeting your vehicle; Automatic payment plans or annual prepayment; Hybrid or electric vehicle discounts for eco-friendly cars; Good driving history discounts that increase per annum you do not have an accident; Good student discount for top school and college students with good grades; Multi-policy discounts once you bundle other products like life assurance or your homeowners’ policy; Vehicle safety equipment discounts for newer cars that feature equipment like collision warning and automatic braking.

State minimum insurance requirements in Mississippi

Like most other states, Mississippi requires mandatory minimum levels of auto insurance. If you reside and drive within the state, you want to have the subsequent minimum insurance coverages: Bodily injury liability coverage of $25,000 per person and Bodily injury liability coverage of $50,000 per accident where more than one person is involved. Property damage liability coverage of $25,000.

What’s the most cost-effective auto insurance in Mississippi?

The most cost-effective automobile insurance rates depend upon your level of coverage, deductible, driving history, credit and your age.

What information is required to purchase auto insurance in Mississippi?

To purchase auto insurance, you’ll need:

  • Vehicle Information including car make, model and vehicle number.
  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of residence like utility bills

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What to do when an insurance company isn’t treating you fairly after an accident?

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