See if you Qualify for a Free copy of your Police Crash Report


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Do you qualify for a Free police crash report?

Pepper & Odom law firm utilizes private and government databases to obtain a police crash report for you at no charge after an initial consultation. Often you will receive a state/local case number from the police officer at the scene of the wreck. Have this number avaialbe when you make your request. Not all Agencies are avaialve online and some police crash reports have to be ordred via regular mail. Different police Agencies sometimes call them “Motor Vehicle Crash Reports”, “Police Reports”, “Accident Reports”, “Car Wreck Reports”, or “Police Crash Reports.”

What information is needed?

Where your crash occurred determines which Agency will prepare your accident report. The incident number, incident date, VIN or License Plate number of the vehicle involved will be used to obtain the police crash report.

How long will it take to recieve the police crash report?

When your wreck occurred will determine when your police crash report is avaialbe. Your accident report may not be immediately available. It often takes several day for the officer to prepare and finalize the report. This is normal and the time it takes to get the report depends on the efficiency of the Agency creating the crash report. 

Have been recently hurt in a car wreck and need to obtain a copy of your Police Crash Report?

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