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Victims of dog bites can suffer extensive injuries due to no fault of their own. Negligent dog owners often times are responsible for personal injuries to adults and children in residential neighborhoods, private property, and public places. Our Dog Bite Attorneys understand these dog attacks can result in serious injuries including disfiguring scars, and possibly even death.


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Dog Bites Involving Children

Dog bites involving children are all too common in Mississippi and Alabama because young children often play in areas where dogs are common such as parks, yards, sidewalks, and recreational areas. It is always sad when a child is injured, but it is particularly sad when such injuries could have been easily prevented.

Mississippi Dog Bite Laws

Mississippi has no dog bite statue like many other states do. Therefore, Mississippi is a “one bite rule” state.

Under Mississippi law, a person who is injured by a dog must prove negligence of the dog owner or the owner has “scienter” which is a Latin word that means “to know.” Basically, this type of proof requires the owner to know or reasonably should have known the dog had the dangerous propensity to bite people. The argument goes – the owner could not have knowledge the dog was dangerous unless the dog has bitten someone before, therefore the “one bite rule.”

A negligence claim can be based on animal control laws such as a violation of leash laws, dog prohibitions and trespassing laws. These violations are forms of negligence.

Alabama Dog Bite Laws

Alabama is a strict liability State. If the dog bite took place on property of the owner or the dog chased a victim from the owner’s property, the owner is liable for the injuries suffered from the dog attack. When the dog attack takes place on the owner’s property, you have to prove that the owner acted negligently.