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The City of Raymond is located in Hinds County, Mississippi. It has a population of 1,933. It is home to the main Campus of Hinds Community College. Raymond was chartered in 1830. The City of Raymond median family income is approximately 42,639. The City’s Moto is “Raymond, a place of history, a place in the heart, and a place of promise.Our Raymond Personal Injury Attorneys are proud to represent clients in Raymond, MS and all of Hinds County.

What Raymond, MS Has to Offer

The City of Raymond has many nice attractions such as: Historic Raymond Cemetery, Confederate Cemetery, Garden of Love and Garden of Olivet/Odd Fellows, and Garden of Eden; all popular tourist locations for anyone interested in history and the civil war. Our Raymond Auto Accident Attorneys represent car wreck and 18-wheeler victims who are involved in a car wreck in Raymond, MS and surrounding areas.

Why We Love Raymond, MS

  • A rich History
  • A small town atmosphere
  • a great place for its residents to thrive and prosper
  • focused on quality of life issues
  • great educational opportunities K-12

Useful Information about Raymond, MS

Isla Tullos – Mayor of City of Raymond Phone: 601-857-8041 Fax: 601-857-0105 Lisa Raney – Court Clerk & Municipal Court Records Clerk Phone: 601-857-0072 Fax: 601-857-0105 Raymond Police Department 114 E. Main Street P.O. Box 10 Raymond, MS 39154 Phone: 601-857-0515 Fax: 601-857-0514 For more information about events happening in and around Raymond, visit the Raymond, MS Website. If you need legal representation in Raymond, MS our personal injury attorneys are here to help. Call 601-202-1111 for a free consultation.
Raymond, MS
Raymond, MS

Rankin MS Court Information

Rankin County Chancery Clerk

Larry W. Swales     P.O. Box 700, Brandon, MS 39042     601-825-1469 <website>

Rankin County Chancery Court Judges

District 20     John Grant     P.O. Box 1437, Brandon, MS 39043     601-825-1477 District 20     Dan Fairly     P.O. Box 1437, Brandon, MS 39043     601-591-4722

Circuit Court Judges

District 20     William E. Chapman III     P.O. Box 1626, Canton, MS 39046     601-855-5555 <website> District 20     John Emfinger     P.O. Box 1885, Brandon, MS 39043     601-824-2427

Rankin County Constables

District 1     Von Brown     P.O. Box 71, Brandon, MS 39043     601-939-1885 District 2     Brad Patridge     P.O. Box 71, Brandon, MS 39043     601-939-1885 District 3     Barry Bean     P.O. Box 71, Brandon, MS 39043     601-540-1114 District 4     Tim Gardner     P.O. Box 71, Brandon, MS 39043     601-421-0672

Rankin County Coroner

Jimmy L. Roberts     P.O. Box 5646, Pearl, MS 39208     601-939-5997

Rankin County – County Court Judges

Post 1 Kent McDaniel     P.O. Drawer 1599, Brandon, MS 39043     601-825-1474 <website> Post 2 Thomas H. Broome     P.O. Drawer 1599, Brandon, MS 39043     601-825-1474

County Prosecutor

Richard H. Wilson     117 N. Timber St., Brandon, MS 39042     601-824-2590

Rankin County District Attorney

Michael Guest     P.O. Box 68, Brandon, MS 39042     601-825-1472 <website>

Justice Court Clerk

Jessica Massey     P.O. Box 68, Brandon, MS 39043     601-824-2672 <website>

Rankin County Justice Court Judges

District 1 Richard Redfern     P.O. Box 71, Brandon, MS 39043     601-824-2596 District 2 John Shirley     P.O. Box 71, Brandon, MS 39043     601-825-5225 District 3 Joshua McCrory     P.O. Box 71, Brandon, MS 39043     601-824-2598 District 4 Ken Fairly     P.O. Box 71, Brandon, MS 39043     601-824-2597


Bryan Bailey     221 N. Timber St., Brandon, MS 39042     601-825-1480 <website>

Rankin County Sheriff Department Attorney

J. Richard Lawrence     221 N. Timber St., Brandon, MS 39042     601-824-2580

Rankin County Tax Assessor

John A Sullivan     211 E. Government St., Brandon, MS 39042     601-825-1470

Rankin County Tax Collector

Judy Fortenberry     211 E. Government St., Brandon, MS 39042     601-825-1467 Pepper & Odom, P.C. law firm represents clients in Rankin County, MS in civil and criminal cases. Our attorneys represent clients in:
  • Personal injury
  • car wreck
  • 18-wheeler accidents
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Social Security Disability (SSD)
  • Criminal defense cases
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