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The City of Madison is part of the extended Jackson metro area located in Madison County, Mississippi. It has a population of over 25,000 and rapidly growing. The City was named after James Madison, the 4th President of the United States. It is ranked the 2nd most livable city.

Our Madison personal injury attorneys are proud to represent clients in Madison. 

What Madison, MS has to Offer

Madison is located just north of the State’s capitol city of Jackson and is considered a suburb of Jackson. The Ross Barnett Reservoir is one of the key attractions for outdoor fun in Madison, including boating and other water craft activities.

Our attorneys represent accident victims who are injured on the water when they are hurt due to someone else’s negligence. Our attorneys also represent car wreck victims who are involved in a car wreck in Madison. If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident, don’t hesitate to reach out to a car accident lawyer in Madison, MS at our law firm today. 

Why We Love Madison – Personal Injury Attorneys Madison, MS

Madison is one of the shining jewels of Mississippi. Many people that work in the Capitol City of Jackson live in Madison. It offers plenty of great shopping and dining for everyone. It is known nationally for its top notch schools.

The City of Madison is served by the Madison County School District. The Student/Teacher Ratio is 19:1 and is well respected for excellence by its peers. The City is a planned community giving its citizens a safe, secure, comfort of a small town atmosphere. The crime rate is very low. Madison The City Chamber of Commerce is one of the most dynamic Chambers in Mississippi, representing more than 800 businesses in the metro Jackson area. For More Information visit the official Madison The City website

Madison, MS Court Information click

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Madison the City
Madison The City

Madison County, Mississippi Court Information

Madison County Chancery Clerk

Ronnie Lott – Madison Chancery Court Clerk

146 West Center Street
P.O. Box 404
Canton, MS 39046
Office: (601) 859-1177
Toll Free: 800-428-0584
Fax: (601) 855-5759

Madison County Chancery Court Judges

District 11  Honorable  James C. Walker    P.O. Box 404, Canton, MS 39046     601-855-5512

District 11  Honorable  Robert G. Clark III     P.O. Box 39, Lexington, MS 39095    662-746-3894

District 11  Honorable  Cynthia Brewer     P.O. Box 404, Canton, MS 39046     601-855-5512

Madison County Circuit Court Judges

District 20     William E. Chapman III     P.O. Box 1626, Canton, MS 39046     601-855-5555    

District 20     John Emfinger     P.O. Box 1885, Brandon, MS 39043     601-824-2427

District 20      Steve Ratcliff      P.O. Box 1626, Canton, MS 39046

128 West North Street
P.O. Box 1626
Canton, MS 39046
Office: (601) 855-5555
Fax: (601) 855-5704

Madison County Constables

District 1     Michael Brown     175 North Union, Canton, MS 39046      601-855-5737
District 2     Johnny Sims     175 North Union, Canton, MS 39046     601-855-5738
District 3     Will Weisenberger, Jr.     175 North Union, Canton, MS 39046     601-855-5739
District 4     Brad Harbour     175 North Union, Canton, MS 39046     601-855-5740

Madison County Coroner

Alex Breeland     3304 Liberty St., Canton, MS 39046     601-859-3661

Madison County County Administrator

Mark Houston     P.O. Box 608, Canton, MS 39046     601-859-1177

Madison County – County Court Judges

District 1 Staci O’Neal P.O. Box 1626, Canton, MS 39046     601-855-5626
District 2 Edwin Y. Hannan P.O. Box 1626, Canton, MS 39046     601-855-5626

Lindsay Johnson – Court Administrator
Office: (601) 855-5626
Fax: (601) 855-5706

Madison County County Prosecutor

Pamela Hancock     P.O. Box 487, Madison, MS 39130     601-859-6337

Madison County District Attorney

Michael Guest     P.O. Box 121, Canton, MS 39046     601-859-7838    

Madison County Justice Court Clerk

Susan H. McCarty     2961 S. Liberty, Canton, MS 39046     601-859-6337    

Madison County Justice Court Judges

District 1     Marsha Weems Stacey     2961 S. Liberty, Canton, MS 39046     601-859-6337
District 2     Martina Griffin     2961 S. Liberty, Canton, MS 39046     601-859-6337
District 3     Lloyd Spivey     2961 S. Liberty, Canton, MS 39046     601-859-6337
District 4     Bruce McKinley     2961 S. Liberty, Canton, MS 39046     601-859-6337

Madison County Sheriff

Randall Tucker     2941 S. Liberty St., Canton, MS 39046     601-859-2345    

Madison County Tax Assessor

Norman A. Cannady, Jr.    P.O. Box 292, Canton, MS 39046     601-859-1921

Madison County Tax Collector

Kay Pace     P.O. Box 113, Canton, MS 39046     601-859-5226

Madison County Youth Court

Staci O’Neal     P.O. Box 1626, Canton, MS 39046     601-855-5626
Judge Edwin Y. Hannan     P.O. Box 1626, Canton, MS 39046     601-855-5626

Madison County Prosecuting Attorney in Youth Court

Hazel Cunningham     P. O. Box 376 Flora MS 39071     601-879-3760

Madison County The Public Defender in Youth Court

Richard Flood     P.O. Box 2311 Madison, MS 39110-2311     601-853-1575

Madison County Youth Court Administrator

Alicia K. Louisville,     P.O. Box 592 Canton, MS 39046     601-855-5682


Madison City Municipal Court Information

Location: Madison Justice Complex, 2001 Main Street, Madison, MS 39130
Judge: Dale Danks
Prosecutor: John Hedglin
Court Clerk: Penny McElroy
Deputy Court Clerk: Renee Frazier
Phone Number: 601-707-1420
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2489, Madison, MS 39130

Day and Time Court Meets Every Thursday except the 5th Thursday of the month – 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM; initial appearances 9:00 AM -12:00 PM and trials from 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM. If you have any questions about your court date or other procedural matters, you can call the Court Clerk.

You can pay traffic or other fines at the Records/Court Services Division of the Madison Justice Complex, 2001 Main Street (601-707-1412) Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding holidays.

If you are in the city of Madison and are charged with traffic or misdemeanor offenses, the Madison Municipal Court has jurisdiction. Initial appearances for someone accused of a felony will be held in the Madison Municipal Court. Madison Municipal Court also holds hearings regarding city ordinances. Most arrests made by the Madison Police Department will be resolved in the Madison Municipal Court. The Madison County Sheriff’s Department and the Mississippi Highway Patrol also can make arrests in Madison as well.

Madison Personal Injury Attorneys

Pepper & Odom, P.C. Law Firm serves clients in Madison County, MS, and surrounding areas. Our accident/injury Attorneys represent clients in Madison, MS courts in civil lawsuits.

Our personal injury Lawyers focus primarily on:

  • Personal Injury Cases
  • Car Wreck
  • 18 wheeler Accidents
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Social Security Disability
  • Slip & Fall – Premise Liability

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