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Does Workers’ Compensation Benefits Affect Social Security Disability Benefits?

Posted on : September 9, 2014

Will Workers’ Compensation Benefits Affect My Social Security Disability Benefits?

The answer depends on the total amount of these benefits you receive. Workers’ Compensation and other public disability benefits may reduce your Social Security benefits if the amount of the combined benefits exceeds 80% of your average current earnings before you became disabled. If the combined benefits exceed the 80% threshold, your Social Security benefits may be reduced until the time you reach age 65 or until the month the other benefits stop, whichever comes first. If you receive a lump sum settlement or payment, your Social Security benefits may also be affected. You are required to notify the Social Security Administration immediately when you receive other benefits.

The Social Security Administration offers a useful brochure with additional information, click How Workers’ Compensation and Other Disability Payments May Affect Your Denefits – EN-05-10018 to download it, or visit the Social Security Administration website at www.socialsecurity.gov

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