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What to Expect the Day of Trial in a Personal Injury Case

Posted on : January 23, 2017
PICKING A JURY At last, the day of trial has arrived, but in some ways, this is only the beginning.  Remember the last blog post where I told you that American system of justice is adversarial.  All of that stamina, courage, and passion discussed, we need all of them more than ever now.  Trial days [Read More]
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What Do You Need to Prove in a Defective Product Case?

Posted on : January 20, 2017
Sustaining an injury caused by a defective product is a frightening and devastating experience. Whether you were hurt by taking a medication or were burned by an electronic, you likely incurred damages as a result of the incident. A defective product lawsuit can bring relief to victims and their families, however, the burden of proof lies [Read More]
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Different Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Posted on : January 19, 2017
As a Personal Injury Attorney in Mississippi, I have seen a variety of different types of motor vehicle accidents over the years. Motor vehicles, just like almost any other object, can cause a lot of damage when they come in contact with other objects. There are many different size vehicles on the road today. The 3 [Read More]
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Do I Get a Jury Trial in Mississippi?

Posted on : January 18, 2017
Do I get a Jury Trial in Mississippi
If you are planning on suing someone, or in the alternative are being sued by someone, you may be wondering when you’re entitled to a jury trial? Similarly, if you are facing criminal charges, you may have the same question. If this post I will give some basic information to help answer your question of [Read More]
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Ligament Injury after a Car Wreck

Posted on : January 18, 2017
A Ligament Injury after a car wreck can be painful and require medical treatment to heal properly. Below is some basic information you should be aware of. What is a Ligament? A ligament is a band of fibrous tissue that connects bones or cartilages together and serves to support and strengthen joints. The main role [Read More]
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Philadelphia Court Upholds $13.7 Million Award in Ethicon Transvaginal Mesh Case

Posted on : January 17, 2017
Emphatically rejecting post-trial defense arguments, a Philadelphia Judge upheld a $13.7 million verdict against Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, for the defective design of Tension-free Vaginal Tape (TVT) that brought multiple surgeries and a lifetime of pain to a New Jersey woman. Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Kenneth J. Powell, Jr. ruled in Sharon [Read More]
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Offers of judgment – the illusion of leverage

Posted on : January 13, 2017
The Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure permit a defendant to make an offer of judgment to the plaintiff prior to trial.An offer of judgment is simply an agreement of the defendant to give the plaintiff a judgment in a certain amount. How are offers of judgment made? In Mississippi state courts, Rule 68 of the [Read More]
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Mississippi teen seriously injured in two-car wreck on U.S. 278 | News | cullmantimes.com

Posted on : January 13, 2017
A young woman from Mississippi was flown to Huntsville Hospital after a two-vehicle wreck Wednesday night that also hurt two Cullman residents. Berlin firefighters and Cullman Emergency Medical Services personnel were dispatched to the scene around 6 p.m., along with Alabama State Troopers.  The driver of one vehicle, Alyssa Hallmark, 18, of Mooreeville, Mississippi, was [Read More]
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Stamina Courage & Passion

Posted on : January 12, 2017
STAMINA, COURAGE, PASSION! This blog post deals with the unique American system of justice, for it is adversarial, but for an attorney to be successful he must work with opposing counsel to achieve his goals.  Remember when I told you being a personal injury attorney requires stamina, much like a marathon runner, for the insurance [Read More]
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Do I have a Car Wreck Claim?

Posted on : January 7, 2017
Car Accident Injury Lawyer Ridgeland
Do I have a Car Wreck Claim? There must be 4 things present to to answer the question do I have a car wreck claim: Liability Damages Insurance or Assets Time Limitation For example, if you are the victim of a car wreck, you must be able to prove that it was the other person’s [Read More]
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