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Compensation for Prescription Drug Injuries

Serious injuries caused by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices are on the rise in Mississippi and Alabama.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval doesn’t guarantee that a drug is safe, as recent recalls have shown. Defective drugs and defective medical devices on the market can lead to significant health risks to the public including:

  • serious injury
  • disabilities
  • hospitalization
  • In some cases, defective medical products can lead to more intensive surgeries than were originally necessary to correct the damage.

Recently, a number of bad pharmaceutical drugs have been in the news due to serious health conditions and side-effects that they may cause.

Though some dangerous drugs have been recalled by the FDA or voluntarily recalled by their manufacturers, many others are still available and being prescribed today.

Some of the side-effects can be life-threatening and cause death.

Drug manufacturers are required to test all drugs extensively and seek approval from the FDA before they are allowed to market and sell the drugs for use by the public.

However, the failure to adequately warn of known serious side effects is a growing problem.

Some bad pharmaceutical drugs can be dangerous while others may be defective.

  • Dangerous bad pharmaceutical drugs can stay on the market as long as the benefits outweigh the risk and all warnings are reasonably given.
  • Defective drugs often result in some flaw or defect in the manufacturing process such as a failure of quality controls.

It is important that you seek legal advice if you suspect that you have been the victim of a bad pharmaceutical drugs, including bad pharmaceutical drugs that have been recalled by the FDA or voluntarily recalled by the manufacturers.

Just by reporting your concerns you may help prevent the same or similar problems from happening to other people taking the bad pharmaceutical drugs.

We Represent Victims of Bad Pharmaceutical Drugs

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