Any witnesses available?

Any witnesses available?

There are all types of personal injury cases. An essential element to a personal injury case is a witness. A witness can make or break your personal injury claim.

Not having a witness to your personal injury encourages an insurance company or opposing attorney to offer you a low amount of money to settle with. The reason being because there is no one to collaborate your side of the story.  So having a witness to the incident can increase your reward significantly. A witness can be helpful on so many levels when it comes to a personal injury case.

How helpful can a witness be?

The witness can confirm any and all the details that surround your personal injury claim. Sometimes a witness does not have to see the actual accident. A witness could see you before or after an accident and confirm that you were hurt and in pain. It is even possible that a witness may have over heard a conversation from someone else indicating that your personal injury was the result of someone else’s negligence. 

When dealing with witnesses it is important that you act quickly. Time is of the essence. As time passes people forget certain things. Waiting too long to contact a witness could cost you the amount of money you would receive had you had a witness.  Below are some reasons why it is important to contact a witness quickly after a personal injury.

  • The witness could simply forget
  • They could be from out of town and leave
  • A witness may move
  • The witness could die

You could be in a situation where you do not remember who was around at the time of your personal injury. This is where a police report would come into play. Often times if officers are called to the scene of an accident they take down the information of any witnesses.

It is not uncommon for an insurance adjuster to track down and question a witness about your personal injury. That is why it is important for you to try and contact the witness first. You want to learn what if any knowledge they may have about your personal injury. Making contact with a witness first can stop an insurance adjuster from putting distorted facts into the heads of the witness.

What are the obligations of the witness?

Witnesses do not have to talk to insurance adjusters. A witness has the right not to talk to the opposing side. However, do not tell a witness “Do not talk to the other side.”  This could be considered interfering with the opposing sides right to obtain information. Interfering could ultimately place your claim in jeopardy. Whether the witness wants to speak with the other side or not should solely be left up to him or her.

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