3M MILITARY EARPLUG LAWSUITSuffering because of the 3M Military earplug?  Pepper & Odom Law Firm attorneys are currently representing military combat veterans who suffered hearing loss and/or Tinnitus from using defective combat 3M Military earplugs between 2003 and 2015.

Military personnel are suing the manufacturer in multidistrict litigation. If you believe you were affected by this defective equipment issued to military personnel, please contact us regarding the 3M Military Earplug Lawsuit.


These earplugs claimed to offer dual-purpose ear protection. Inserting the earplugs one way would allow regular sound to be heard, but while inserted the opposite way this device would provide adequate protection from loud sounds such as gunfire and explosions.

The Combat Earplugs were standard issues for thousands of service members deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan from 2003 to 2015. In 2018, 3M agreed to settle claims by the Government that it knowingly sold the defective earplugs to the Department of Defense.

Although load noises are common in combat zones, due to the wrongful conduct of 3M Company, many thousands of service members may have been unnecessarily exposed to dangerous noise levels because of the defective design of the combat earplugs. 

This is the reason the 3M Military Earplug Lawsuit has gained so much attention in regards to the unethical business practices.


Based on Whistleblower’s claims, the CAEv2 Combat earplugs were designed too short for proper insertion into the soldier’s ears allowing them to loosen during use. 

This is a critical design defect that made the earplug effectively useless if they would not stay properly inserted into the ears. Earplugs are not suppose to loosen and compromise a users hearing ability. 

It is alleged that 3M and its predecessor Aearo Technologies knew of the design defect as early as 2000, and may have manipulated test results to meet the Department of Defense standards.


If you can answer Yes to the following three questions, then you may have a claim considering the 3M Military Earplug Lawsuit.

  1. Were you an actively deployed servicemember in the U.S. Military between 2003 and 2015?
  2. Were you issued and used the 3M Dual-Ended Combat Arms CAEv2 Earplugs during your military service?
  3. Have you been diagnosed with hearing loss or tinnitus?

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