Were written or recorded statements given?

Were recorded or written statements given?

If you have been involved in a personal injury it is highly likely that you will have to give a statement. There are currently two types of statements. A recorded statement and a written statement. Each type of statement has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Your Personal Injury Attorney will likely submit statements to insurance companies to prove your case. You will likely be asked by an insurance company or opposing attorney to give a statement as well. Before making any type of statement to an insurance company or opposing attorney be sure you seek the advice of your Personal Injury Attorney. It is easy for the opposing  side to get you to say something that could jeopardize your case.  It would be a good idea to have your Attorney present when making any type of statement to the opposing side. Your Attorney can advise you as to which questions to answer and which questions you have a right not to answer.

Advantage of recordings

An advantage of recorded statements is control. The element of control primarily weighs in favor of the insurance companies and opposing counsel. The reason they have an advantage is because they control the questions being asked. The opposing side will most likely have a script. Scripted questions often times receive answers that are unnatural. An advantage for both parties is a recorded statement can be transcribed and it also takes less time to do.

Advantage of written statements

Like a recorded statement, control is an advantage for an opposing party taking written statements as well. Control of the questions can favor their side of events of your personal injury. An advantage for you would be there is no need to feel pressured to give an answer. Your answers can be well thought out and written in a way to ensure you tell your side of the story.

Disadvanages of recordings

If an opposing party wants to take a recorded statement, you may feel pressured to give an answer. Being under pressure can cause you to make incorrect statements because you are nervous. Recordings can also be damaged and there is no way to recover the recordings unless it is done again.  

Disadvantages of written statements

It takes much longer to give a written statement than a recorded one. There may be a lot of details that are important to your personal injury claim. People tend to leave such details out because they do not want to write everything out. There is also the possibility that your hand writing is hard to read as well.

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