Were you hurt on the job?

Were you hurt on the job?

If you have been hurt while on your job, there are several steps you need to take. First thing you need to do is seek proper medical treatment for your injury. It is also very important for you to report the incident to your supervisor as quickly as possible. Waiting too long to report or not reporting the incident to your supervisor is not a good thing.  It could result in you not having a claim.

Once you have reported the incident to your supervisor ask them for a copy of the accident report. If your supervisor does not make an accident report then you have another option. You can write a letter providing all the details of the incident. If you have to write a letter, then indicate the date you gave the letter to your supervisor. It would be a good idea to have the supervisors sign something indicating that they received the letter.  The idea is to cover all your basis. Even if you do not have an accident report. 

Are you a union member?

If you are a member of a union, then make sure you report the incident to the union as well. Give the union all pertinent information. Provide them with any and all documentation surrounding the incident.

Dealing with the company physician.

After being injured on your job it is possible that your employer will insist that you visit the company physician. Visiting the company’s physician can have its pros and cons. A pro is visiting the company physician will likely cost you nothing. However, on the other hand it is important to remember that the company physician is working for the company and not necessarily for your best interest. If seeing the company doctor, then be sure to follow any and all of their recommendations. Not following the recommendations of the company doctor could harm your personal injury claim. It could allow your employer to argue that you purposely refused to follow the instructions of the company physician.

If you feel as if the company physician is not caring for you properly then you have the option to leave. Just provide the physician with a written letter explaining the issues you are having as a result of the injury you sustained. Date the letter as you would a letter to your supervisor.

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