The venue where you file suit

The venue where you file suit.

The venue in which you file your suit is one of most important things you and your Personal Injury Attorney will discuss and decide. Venue is the proper place that you and your attorney file a lawsuit. The venue where you file suit can play an intricate role in the amount of money you recover. Personal injury claims that are brought in certain counties are worth more than if they are brought in other counties.

For example, you may receive a bigger reward if your case is filed in Hinds County versus Madison County.

How do you determine venue?

Your Personal Injury Attorney will be the expert when it comes to finding the proper venue to file your claim. In order to decide on the proper venue your Attorney has several options to look at in the state of Mississippi.                                    

  • Where the injury occurred
  • Where an important event that cause the injury occurred
  • Where the defendant resides
  • If it is a company, then it is the county where the company’s principle place of business is.

How does is it work?

Jack and Jill are both residence of Mississippi. Jack lives in Madison County and Jill lives in Hinds County. One-day Jack and Jill have an accident on Interstate 55 in Madison County. Jack wants to sue Jill for personal injury. The venue rules allow Jack to sue Jill either in Hinds County (where Jill lives) or in Madison County where accident occurred. Jack’s trusted attorney informs him that it is likely for him to receive a better award from a jury in Hinds County.

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