Is there enough Damages

Is there enough Damages

Personal Injury Case Evaluation Factors

What are Damages?

In a legal sense, Damages mean the amount or recourse an injured person can recover, which usually is in the form of money. An injured person has the right to recover damages for related medical expenses incurred, property loss, medication expenses, and loss of income while out of work on doctor’s orders, travel expenses, out of pocket expenses, and pain and suffering. The Attorney must weigh all the options and decide is there enough damages.

Is There Enough Damages?

However, there are times when a person may be hurt, but they are not injured enough to make a personal injury case economically viable. Some injuries are so minor and require little to no medical treatment. Simply put, the injured person doesn’t have enough damages.

Most Law Firms have a bottom limit on the amount of damages a person has to have when determining if they can represent the injured person or not. There is no specific number or dollar amount involved, and this threshold is different for different Attorneys and Law Firms.


Different Law Firms Value Damages Differently

Some Attorneys believe that any injury no matter how minor is worth litigating over. These are Attorneys often justify their beliefs by using what is known as a “cost of defense” analysis.

Basically, this means that it is cheaper for the insurance company to pay the plaintiff a certain amount of money to go away because it will cost them at least that much to pay their own Attorneys to defend the case in litigation costs. However, an experienced personal injury Attorney knows the reality of the situation and will advise any potential client accordingly.


How Pepper & Odom Values Damages

Pepper & Odom Law Firm does not take the “cost of defense” approach since it takes just as long for our Attorneys to handle a very minor claim as it does a serious injury claim and we choose to focus on larger serious injury claims so we can give our clients more individual attention.

The primary job of a personal injury Attorney is to help injury victims recover for their damages. However, a Law Firm is a business, and a business of any kind must make a profit in order to continue in operation. Any Law Firm that is willing to take cases that are not economically viable will not make a profit and therefore will not be in business very long.

It is important for the Attorney to determine very quickly is the injury victim has enough damages to make the case one that is viable. Otherwise, the entire process can be one that is a waste of time for the Attorney and client. Spending $5,000 in legal work and expenses to recover less than that is possible in such cases.

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