Is the Defendant Likable?

Is the defendant likable?

A jury is not supposed to consider whether or not the defendant or the person who is at fault in a personal injury case is likable. They are supposed to decide your case based on the facts. However, it is human nature to like or dislike someone based on their personality. There is not much difference in you being likable and the defendant being likable.

Unfortunately, if a likable person is negligent and caused your personal injury, your case could be harder to win. This can decrease the value of your reward. For example, if a sweet old lady ran into your car and caused you pain and suffering a jury may not feel the need to issue a judgement against the sweet old lady. Even if you were injured due to her negligence.


What does this have to do with your personal injury case?

It is of course ideal to have a defendant that is not likable. Corporations and insurance companies tend to be unlikable defendants. If the at fault defendant shows no sympathy, nor remorse, or is angry, then the better your case could be.

Just like your likability, the defendant’s likability can affect their credibility. Fact is, the more likable they are then the more credible they may come across to a jury. It will then become your Attorneys job to attack the defendant’s credibility in order to make the jury realize that you really deserve to win your personal injury claim. If a jury thinks the defendant is not credible then they are less likely to believe anything the defendant says.

Just as your Attorney would work with you to make you more likable, the defendant’s attorney will do the same for them. There is not much you or your Attorney can do if the defendant is likable. If the defendant is likable then you want to work hard to ensure that you are likable as well. The worst scenario would be if you are the less likable person the jury sees.

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