When You Were Hurt Matters in a Personal Injury Claim

When You Were Hurt Matters in a Personal Injury Claim

Time is Money in a Personal Injury Case

How long ago was your accident? When You Were Hurt Matters in a Personal Injury Claim. This is important because the time for you to file a legal claim of negligence against the driver at fault may be running out.  This is called Statute of Limitations (SOL). The SOL in Mississippi for a negligence claim is 3 years. For Alabama it’s 2 years. You should hire a Personal injury Attorney as soon as possible after you have been injured in a Car Wreck or 18-wheeler collision.

A good rule of thumb to follow after and accident is the earlier the better.

The earlier you see one of our personal injury Attorneys about your case, the better. We will be able to better advise you about all the options available to you. The more time passes means less options are available. Most importantly, the more time that passes, the less compensation we can recover for you.

The earlier you receive medical assistance, the better. Don’t think those aches and pains will go away with time, in fact, they may get worse. Sometimes the injuries from your accident may not show up for a while. This is why you should see a doctor regardless if you feel pain or not. The longer you wait the harder it may be to link the injuries to the car accident, affecting the amount of compensation you will receive.

Seeking legal and medical right after the accident assures that we will not have any issues with the SOL.

Start and Complete the Right Treatment

The most important thing after an accident is that you get better. After you begin treatment for the accident, it is essential that you continue to go to your scheduled treatment until it is complete. Any lapse in treatment can affect the amount of compensation from the insurance company. You must begin the right treatment and finish it completely, for your health and compensation. If you do not have any health insurance or access to a doctor, please tell one of our personal injury Attorneys, this way we can find a way for you to receive treatment while waiting for the negligence claim to be resolved.


Tort Reform has Changed the SOL

Long ago, Mississippi made changes on how and when injured parties may receive compensation. If you were injured you had all the time you needed to receive medical assistance and fix the property damage. However, Mississippi lawmakers made changes calling it the Tort Reform of 2004. The Tort Reform limited the time an injured party had to make their claim. For personal injury and property damage in Mississippi, the SOL is 3 years. For Alabama, the SOL for both is 2 years. There are some exceptions and in some cases the time could be a short as 1 years. In order to resolve the issues from the accident, call our offices as soon as possible to avoid running out of time. 601-202-1111

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