How likable are you?

How likable are you?

How likable are you? Seems like a silly question, but your likability can play a significant role in the amount of damages you receive.  Even two individuals with the exact same personal injury claim may recover different rewards.  Keep in mind that a pain and suffering claim is personal in nature.  A jury will likely view pain and suffering claims subjectively.

The ability for your Attorney to present a winning case can definitely depend on the jury liking you as a person. Being likable gives way to you coming across as a genuine trustworthy individual. 

Putting it into perspective

Think of it this way. What are the odds of someone doing you a favor if they do not like you? The odds are probably pretty slim.  So, if a jury does not like you, and you are asking for a certain amount of monetary damages for your personal injury claim, the odds of them awarding you what you ask for are pretty slim.  Being a likable person has nothing to do with the law.  It is just human nature. If you are a likable person, then you are likely to gain more favor with a jury during a trial.

Your likability can affect your credibility. Fact is, the more likable you are then the more credible you appear  to a jury. A defense attorney will work to attack your credibility in order to make the jury doubt if you really deserve to win your personal injury claim. If a jury thinks you are not credible then they are less likely to believe anything you say. They may even question your injuries.  

What if you are not a likable person?

Of course in a perfect world everyone is likable. In reality that is unfortunately not the case.  If a client is rude, harsh, and just generally not likable, then the experienced Attorneys at Pepper and Odom can help. The Attorneys at Pepper and Odom will work with the client to prepare them for a deposition and trial. It is important to remember that your attorney is there to help you. Sometimes that means giving you a reality check and being blunt. A good attorney will inform you that you do not come across as a likable person. A good attorney will also help you work on your personality in order to improve your success with your case.

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