Gaps In Medical Treatment

Gaps In Medical Treatment

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Gaps In Medical Treatment Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

Medical treatment that you receive as a result of an injury is very important. It can serve as key evidence in your personal injury claim. Your Attorney will need to show a direct connection between the injury and the accident to the court. The best way to do that is by avoiding gaps in medical treatment you receive. If you refuse to receive medical treatment, then it is possible that you will not be able to establish your damages.

What exactly is a Gap in Medical Treatment?

A gap in your medical treatment exist when there is a period of time in which you fail to see your healthcare provider. For instance, if you fail to attend a follow up visit or attend a physical therapy session. Your personal injury Attorney would prefer that you attended every doctor visit and every physical therapy appointment. However, it is understandable that unexpected things happen. If you are going to miss an appointment, it is important that you inform your healthcare provider and your personal injury Attorney. It can affect your personal injury claim.

Try to avoid excessive and explainable gaps in your treatment. Too many missed appointments can ruin your chances of recovery in your personal injury case.

Too many gaps in your medical treatment could raise serious concerns with the court. Failure to seek consistent and proper medical attention may call into question where your injuries originated. For example, if you have a personal injury claim that originated from a car accident and you fail to seek medical treatment for the car accident for five months, you will have a gap in treatment. The opposing Attorney can and mostly likely will inquire if you suffered injuries as a result of a different accident that could have occurred after the time of the initial injury.

Avoiding Gaps in Medical Treatment

Gaps in your medical treatment could also call into question the legitimacy of you being injured at all. As good as your Attorney may be, it could be quite difficult for them to prove you were injured if you fail to seek treatment for the injury in a timely manner.

After seeking medical treatment initially, it is important that you follow the doctor’s orders. If your doctor asks you to follow up in a specified time frame, do your best to follow up as requested. If your doctor instructs you to take off from work, then take off from work. Taking off from work may establish a lost wage claim. Always make sure to tell your doctor what caused your injuries so the doctor can make good notes in your medical records.

Pepper & Odom law firm works diligently to help our clients get the proper medical treatment, avoid gaps in treatment, and inform and educate potential clients on the best course of action relating to getting the best possible medical treatment available. Gaps in Medical Treatment are avoidable with proper planning.

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