Do you have health insurance?

Do you have health insurance?

If you have health insurance, then it can certainly be used to pay for any medical bills you accumulate as a result of a personal injury. It would actually be great if you had health insurance. Having health insurance would lower the cost of your medical bills. If your health insurance covers your medical bills, then it is possible for you to still sue for the medical bills. Sounds like you could get away with extra money?  However, that is not the case. Below is an example of how it works. 

How does this work?

Jack suffers injuries from a car accident due to the negligence of another driver. Jack, who has health insurance, is rushed to the hospital for his injuries. Along with numerous minor injuries, Jack’s leg is badly injured and he requires surgery. Over the course of several months, doctors perform surgery and Jack regularly sees a physical therapist to strengthen his leg. After deductibles, Jack’s health insurance pays for all of the treatment, which totals to $50,000. Jack hires Pepper and Odom and they file a lawsuit against Jill, the negligent driver that caused Jack’s injuries. Jack’s health insurance company files a lien against the lawsuit. By filing the lien, the health insurance company is basically stating that Jacks is the one who was injured, so it is his prerogative to sue. However, Jack did not pay for the medical care he received for his leg, the insurance company did. So, if he receives reimbursement for the medical care that was provided, that money should go to his insurance company, not directly to him.

In most states, the health insurance company’s lien would be valid. Lets assume that Jack recovers $100,000 in his lawsuit for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. $50,000 would go to the health insurance company to satisfy the lien. The rest would go to Jack and the Attorneys at Pepper and Odom.

What if you do not have health insurance?

Not having health insurance can affect your personal injury claim. The amount of your medical bills can be extremely large with health insurance. Without health insurance your medical bills could be even more. Because your medical bills would be larger without health insurance, that means your personal injury case could be larger as well.

This sounds good, but your medical bills will likely be due before any settlement in your personal injury case. Due to the possibility of incurring so much in medical debt some people refrain from going to the doctor. An insurance company or an opposing attorney will try to argue that you were probably not as injured as you claimed because you failed to seek immediate treatment or sufficient treatment. Although you may not have been able to seek treatment due to excessive medical bills an opposing attorney’s job is to make sure you recover as less money as possible from your personal injury claim.

If you do not have health insurance do not be discouraged, because at Pepper and Odom you have options. Attorneys at Pepper and Odom know and understand that every client may not have health insurance. If your medical bills are low, Pepper and Odom will work with doctors and issue a letter of protection. A letter of protection allows the doctor to treat you until a settlement in your case is reached. After a settlement has been reached the doctor will be reimbursed. If your medical bills are high the Attorneys at Pepper and Odom will work with a third party funding service who will be willing to pay the cost of your medical bills while your personal injury case is being worked. After a settlement has been reached the third party will be reimbursed.

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