30 Things That Affect The Value Of A Personal Injury Case

30 Things That Affect The Value Of A Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury Case Evaluation Factors

One of the questions a Personal Injury Attorney is asked most often is what factors affect the value of a bodily injury claim. The term bodily injury and personal injury are often used interchangeably. The list of different factors is very fact specific to your individual claim, and it should be noted that this list below is not exclusive nor does every factor listed below apply in every case. I have prepared a list of 30 Things that Affect the Value of a Personal Injury Case.

The list below is based on my education, training, and most importantly years of experience working on personal injury cases. Except for the first four factors, the list is in no particular order. Some of the items on the list are self explanatory, but if you wish to read more, some of the list is a link to a separate page that defines exactly what the terms mean.

30 Things That Affect The Value Of A Personal Injury Case

  1. Who was at fault
  2. Is there enough damages
  3. Is there any money to get
  4. When you were hurt
  5. The Venue where you file suit
  6. Who pays your medical bills
  7. Have you filed bankruptcy
  8. Gaps in medical treatment
  9. Did you have or need surgery
  10. Do you have pre-existing injuries
  11. Do you have permanent injuries
  12. Did you have lost wages
  13. Which hospital you go to
  14. Which insurance company
  15. Type of injuries
  16. Photos or videos
  17. Do you have health insurance
  18. Attorney Experience and Reputation
  19. How long it takes to settle you case
  20. How many Defendants there are
  21. Does the Defendant have Immunity
  22. Were you hurt on the job
  23. Are you likable person
  24. Is the Defendant likable
  25. Your age
  26. Seriousness of Defendants conduct
  27. Were written or recorded statements given
  28. Do you have a Criminal Record
  29. Your salary
  30. Any Witnesses available

At Pepper & Odom Law Firm, our Injury Lawyers are happy to discuss each of the above factors with our bodily injury clients as we work their cases to get the maximum value for each personal injury case. I hope that you have found this list of things that affect your personal injury case useful. Please share this page with your friends and family.

The list above was prepared by Attorney Everett Pepper.

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