In our last blog post we discussed the process of hiring your Attorney and completing your medical treatment.  After you finish medical treatment, our staff at Pepper & Odom, P.C. will begin analyzing your medical records to determine your injuries and to place a value upon those injuries.  This is done by analyzing the type of injury you have, for example someone who is in a motor vehicle accident that results in a loss of limb or life will have a greater injury than someone who is merely shaken up in a motor vehicle accident.

Our goal at Pepper & Odom Law Firm is to make sure you get every penny you deserve and not a penny less.  We recently settled a case for a client and the caption at the bottom read “Happy Clients Make Happy Attorneys!”  That is such a true statement, for we are not happy unless you, the client, are happy.  The Pepper & Odom Law Firm works with you!


Once the case value has been determined, a demand is sent to the tortfeasor’s (tortfeasor is the legal term for the person who was at fault) insurance company demanding that a certain amount be paid.  Usually, we make the demand on the high side knowing that the insurance claims adjusters will return with a low ball counteroffer.  For full disclosure, it must be understood that claims adjusters are given bigger bonuses each year for the less cash they pay the injured.

Therefore, the claims adjusters have an incentive to give you very little and because of that you need an experienced group of Attorneys and staff like we have at Pepper & Odom Law Firm.  After each offer and counteroffer is made, one of our staff or Attorneys contacts our clients to advise them of the amount being discussed between us and the claims adjusters.  Our job is to advise our clients if the offer is good or bad. At all times, our clients are kept in the loop with the settlement discussions.


For the sake of this blog post, we are assuming a settlement has been reached and the client is happy and wants to settle his/her case.  When an amount is reached and the client is happy and tells us to settle the case, we do so.  Remember “Happy Clients Make Happy Attorneys!”

The insurance company will send a release (a document releasing the tortfeasor and insurance company from any further liability) and the check.  The check is deposited into our law firm trust account and once it has cleared the bank, usually about seven days or so, we contact the client to set up a meeting to disburse funds to them.  The disbursement sheet that we use shows where all of the money goes, Pepper & Odom’s fees, expenses, fees/liens to the medical doctors, chiropractors, pharmacies, etc., and money to be paid to the clients.

Happy Clients Make Happy Attorneys

At Pepper & Odom Law Firm, we have a rule of thumb that says our clients should get more money than we do.  In other words, we want to get a good settlement that not only pays the fees and expenses, but also leaves the client with more money than our attorney’s fees.  That is our goal because “Happy Clients Make Happy Attorneys!”

In the next blog post, we will discuss what happens when the insurance company doesn’t agree to pay you what you deserve. Then we file a civil suit against the tortfeasor and his/her insurance company.   For personal injury attorneys that get results and love happy clients, call us at Pepper & Odom Law Firm, 601-202-1111.

By: Attorney Daniel Jones

Pepper & Odom Law Firm

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