In our last blog post Hiring the Right Attorney we discussed how to hire your Attorney.  Today, we are going to discuss what happens after you select your Attorney.  You still must hire your Attorney, and your Attorney must take your case before any work begins.

I will now attempt to explain the process.  The first thing you will fill out is a new client intake sheet.  It is from this sheet that your Attorney will determine if you have a case after talking with you, usually over the phone.


For purposes of this article, we will assume you have a valid case and your Attorney believes he can help you.  You will now be invited to the office of Pepper & Odom Law Firm where you will be met by our Attorneys and staff and discuss your case, if you are within driving distance of the Firm. If you can’t come to us ~ We can come to you!

We handle personal injury cases statewide in Mississippi and Alabama, and can also send the paperwork via email, regular mail, or fax.

Once your case is discussed in great detail, your Attorney will give you a contingency fee agreement to sign. The fees/proportion the attorney will be paid is all included in that agreement and must be in writing. No pressure is placed on the clients. We have even had clients take the agreement home and sleep on it and hire us the next day.

If we don’t get you a Recovery, you don’t owe any Attorney fees.

After the agreement is signed, we begin collecting your accident report, interviewing witnesses, collecting your medical records, and other documents and evidence necessary to prove your case.  We have investigators who will go out to the scene of the accident and gather evidence such as taking photos as needed.


An accident victim should continue medical and/or chiropractic treatment until you are discharged by your health care providers.  Your case is valuable to you and your Attorneys, because this is you health and well being we are dealing with.  You only have one body and therefore, you must take care of yourself and get medical treatment as your doctor directs.

We tell our Clients to focus on getting well and let us worry about everything else.


This Attorney-client relationship grows into deep trust for one another.  For when it all comes down to it, your Attorney has no reason to exist without his clients and we understand that at Pepper & Odom Law Firm.  Our success is built upon the trust our clients have for us as their Attorneys and who want to sincerely help them.  In the next blog I will be discussing what happens after you are done treating and your doctors have discharged you.

For personal injury Attorneys that get results and care about our clients, call us at Pepper & Odom Law Firm, 601-202-1111.

By: Attorney Daniel Jones

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