Workers' Compensation Shoulder Injury

Workers' Compensation Shoulder Injury

Workers’ Compensation Shoulder Injury

 In 2015, there were 1,041 workers who sustained an injury to one or both of their shoulders. That makes shoulder injuries one of the most common injuries sustained by Mississippi workers, accounting for 9.63% of all injuries.

Every Shoulder Injury is Different

On-the-job shoulder injuries vary in severity. Some individuals have a strain that is treated with anti-inflammatories and goes away. Other hurt workers, may have a partial thickness or full thickness rotator cuff tear requiring surgery followed by physical therapy. No matter how severe a shoulder injury is, you may be entitled to compensation.

A Shoulder Injury is Considered and Arm Injury

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Law classifies a shoulder injury as a defined scheduled member. Scheduled members are your arms, legs, hands, fingers, and toes. The law assigns a number of weeks, 200 for an arm, which is then multiplied by the injured workers’ compensation rate to produce their maximum benefit amount.

What’s a Shoulder Injury Worth?

For a shoulder injury occurring in 2016, the maximum compensation an injured worker could obtain is $93,726. That does not include future medical treatment. Neither does it include pain and suffering, which cannot be obtained under Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Law.

If you are hurt on the job and have a shoulder injury, you are highly encouraged to put your full effort into getting well. Failure to do so could diminish the value of your worker’s compensation claim.

Which Workers’ Compensation Doctor You Choose Matters

The opinion of the injured worker’s treating physician carries great weight in workers’ compensation cases. Often when a doctor places an injured worker at maximum medical improvement (MMI) he or she will assign an impairment rating. That rating is weighted heavily along with the injured worker’s participation in treatment when your workers’ compensation lawyer is evaluating your claim. You are entitled to choose your own Doctor, but you only get one chance.

You Need an Experienced Workers’ Comp Lawyer

While no workers’ compensation lawyer can precisely predict the exact value of your claim when you are injured on the job, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can guide you through the process. That includes discussing how your doctor’s current reports relate to your claims along with the best legal outcome for you.

If you are hurt on the job, you should immediately report your injury to your supervisor. Next, you should call one of our experienced Workers’ Compensation Shoulder Injury Lawyers to help you at 601-202-1111. If the line is busy, please call back later.

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