What is MedPay??

What is MedPay??

What is MedPay Insurance?

On your car insurance policy there is an option you can add called medical payments (MedPay). There is no set amount. You could have $1,000.00 up to $250,000 or more depending on your insurance company.

When Can You Use MedPay?

Anytime you and/or your passengers are injured in your vehicle. It doesn’t matter who is liable (at fault) and the amount you have isn’t a total for all passenger to split, it is a per-person amount. This helps make sure your medical bills get paid so those pesky bill collectors are one less thing for you have to worry about.

How Do You Use MedPay?

If you have bills coming in from the ambulance company, hospital, radiology group from x-rays at the hospital, physicians from the emergency room, etc. you can submit them to your medical payments adjuster for payment directly to the provider or sometimes they mail you a check to cover the cost. This can also be used to reimburse you if you have already come out of pocket for the treatment. Now let’s say you need therapy or chiropractic treatment, doctors with recurring bills can bill your treatment directly to your MedPay. All you have to do is provide them the information.

If you are in an accident and it’s your fault, but you don’t have health insurance, this is the only option you have to cover your medical expenses other than paying out of pocket.

Some companies allow you to use the MedPay on your policy even if you are riding in someone else’s car and are in an accident. Check with your agent to see if you have this option, because some insurance policies exclude it.

What MedPay Does Not Cover

The people you hit cannot use your MedPay just like if someone hits you, you can’t use their MedPay. It is coverage for the people in your car only.

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