Mississippi Workers’ Compensation for Back and Neck Injuries

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation for Back and Neck Injuries

Back and Neck Injury Statistics

In 2015, 1,703 workers injured their back or neck in Mississippi. Those injuries accounted for over 15% of all job injuries in 2015. If you sustain a work related injury to your back or neck, consult with one of our Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Injury Attorneys immediately.

When one injures their back or neck in Mississippi, the law provides certain benefits. Two types of benefits exist to which injured workers may be entitled.

  • The first is payment for lost wages if the job injury results in an inability to work.
  • The second is medical benefits.

First, if you lose the ability to earn wages due to an accident on the job, whether it is just for a little while or forever, you may have a right to recovery. Mississippi Workers’ Compensation laws provide an avenue of recovery for back and neck injuries resulting in lost wages. The amount varies from case to case and is capped at an amount based on the wages the hurt worker earned at the time of injury.

Next, the law entitles injured workers to medical benefits. Medical benefits include prescriptions, doctor visits, surgeries, prosthetics, and anything else medically reasonable and necessary for the injured worker. Mississippi workers’ compensation law does not limit Medical benefits, but the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule controls. The person hurt on the job can recover medical benefits for as long as they need them.

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Injury Attorneys

Clearly back and neck injuries are complex issues for an injured worker to deal with. Experienced Mississippi workers’ compensation Attorneys can help anyone hurt on the job in Mississippi recover the benefits they deserve.

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Original content by: Attorney Joey Franks of The Franks Law Firm

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Injury Attorneys

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