Fatal Car Wrecks

Fatal Car Wrecks

Approximately 32,600 deaths occur in the US per year from fatal car wrecks. Collisions with 18 wheelers or other large commercial trucks are increasingly the cause of the fatal car wrecks even though they make up only about 4% of the registered vehicles on the roads in Mississippi and Alabama.

Accidents involving big rigs are more complex than accidents between passenger vehicles, and it is important that you hire an attorney that understands how to handle them. Accidents that result in a fatality are also more complex and require a skilled attorney to negotiate the legal hurdles, and get the decedent’s family rightly compensated. For example, it is important to know who are the rightful beneficiaries of the deceased person’s estate.

Fatal car wrecks are devastating on the family of a person killed in a wreck. Our skilled accident and injury attorneys know that the loss of income of a family member can cause severe financial hardships when the bills start to pile up. Funeral expenses alone can run in excess of $12,000. That’s why our dedicate attorneys will work to get the family members the maximum compensation they deserve.

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