Invasion of privacy claims?

Invasion of privacy claims?

What are Invasion of Privacy Claims?

There are many laws now in place to prevent individuals from wrongfully intercepting phone calls, hacking into email, and similar interferences with digital information.¬†At the same time, Mississippi has long-recognized common law claims for invasion of privacy, even before the advent of the internet, computer and cell phone. The phrase “common law” refers to laws created by our courts (as opposed to laws passed by Congress or a state legislature).

Mississippi common law recognizes four types of invasion of privacy claims:

  1. The intentional intrusion upon the solitude or seclusion of another. This can take several forms, but the most common is the “peeping tom.” With today’s technology, it can also include improper filming of others without their knowledge.
  2. Holding another to the public eye in a false light. This is similar to libel and slander, but it can also include wrongfully creating an impression about another that is unfavorable.
  3. Public disclosure of private facts. You may have heard the phrase “truth is an absolute defense,” but that is not always the case. People do not have an absolute right to spread information about you if that information is private, not of legitimate concern to the public, and when the spreading of the information would be highly offensive to a reasonable person.
  4. Misappropriation another’s identity for an unpermitted use. Often, this involves a company using the picture of a famous person in an advertisement without that person’s consent. But, there are other instances in which one person may be guilty of using another person’s identity.

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