Tire Defects That Can Cause Serious Car Accidents

Tire Defects That Can Cause Serious Car Accidents

One of the most likely components of your car to be defective is also arguably the most critical to your safety — your tires. Tires can become defective in a number of different ways, but the end result is often a devastating car accident. Here are common tire defects that cause car accidents and what you can do if you or your loved ones were harmed in a car crash caused by a defective tire.

Old, Weak Rubber

When tires sit on the shelf for an extended period of time, or used tires are sold as new to a customer, a customer may be putting old, weak rubber on their vehicle. A blowout at high speeds can often be attributed to dried out, cracked rubber.

Tires That Are Underfilled or Overfilled

If a car maintenance facility has underfilled or overfilled your tires, you could be in danger as soon as you begin driving. Obtain documentation any time you have your tires serviced or filled, so any accidents caused by this issue can be traced back to the party responsible for the negligent care of your tires.

Tread Separation

One of the most frequently seen — and the most deadly — type of tire defect is when the tread becomes separated from the rest of the tire. Typically, this only happens at high speeds, making the probability of a crash involving multiple critical injuries and even fatalities even higher.

Defective Materials & Design

Sometimes, new tires will be designed poorly. Other times, tires will be manufactured with defective materials in order to save money. Investigative reports show that in one particular 2005 case, a popular tire company was found to have used chicken bones and cans in the manufacturing of their tires. If you experience a car accident and can trace the cause of the wreck back to defective design or the use of defective materials in your tires, you may be able to hold the manufacturer of the tires responsible for the costs of the accident.

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