Don't Hurt Your Car Accident Case By Making These 3 Mistakes

Don't Hurt Your Car Accident Case By Making These 3 Mistakes

Although it’s common to be disoriented and unsure of what to do after being hurt in a car accident, what you do and say immediately following the crash is very important. Don’t make these 3 mistakes that could potentially hurt your future car accident claim.

1. Talking to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Chances are, the other driver’s insurance company will call you and ask you to make a statement. They may ask you what happened, what damage was done, if you believe you were at fault, if you were hurt, and how you are feeling. While you generally do have the obligation to communicate with your own insurance company, you do not have that obligation to the other driver’s insurance company. You never want to answer any questions that they ask, because they are simply looking for a way that they can pin the fault of the crash on you. Instead, when the other driver’s insurance company calls, direct them to your car accident lawyer.

2. Posting on Social Media

It’s a good idea to take a break from social media after being in a car accident. While not posting about the accident can seem like a no-brainer, other types of posts can come back to bite you later on as well. Even if you think your profile is private, insurance companies have found ways to get into people’s profiles in the past and have used evidence from their social media accounts against them during trial. For example, if you post about how you took your kids to the park and an insurance company obtains that information, it could be used to suggest that you weren’t injured in the accident. Stay off social media as much as possible until your case is resolved.

3. Not Following Doctor’s Orders

It is extremely important that you go to the doctor after a car accident and that you follow their recommendations. If you disagree with those recommendations, you can switch doctors, but you need to be able to show that you are seeking medical treatment and are compliant with that treatment. If you miss appointments or don’t take your medication as prescribed, this could be used against you later on.

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