All Vehicles Are Not Created Equally When It Comes To Safety

All Vehicles Are Not Created Equally When It Comes To Safety

As Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys, we see hundreds of accidents each year. Some of these accidents are low speed collisions while others are catastrophic collisions resulting in permanent injuries or even death. The increased use of seat-belts, Advanced Airbags and other safety features are designed to help reduce personal injuries to the driver and passengers. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) releases “Top Safety Picks” yearly for each different size and class of vehicle. Click here to see if your vehicle is on the list.

Vehicle Safety Technology can Reduce Personal Injuries

Distracted driving is on the rise with the increased use of mobile devices. To combat this, vehicle manufactures are building smart technology into their new vehicles to help prevent accidents. This new technology includes front collision detection and prevention, lane change monitoring, and automatic braking. Since many auto accidents happen at night, some newer vehicles also have adaptive headlights and heads-up displays to reduce eye strain and driver distraction.

Most Newer Vehicles Have a Uni-Body Design

There are two basic car body types that relate to how safe the vehicle is made. The older type is a full frame body where two large beams support the entire load of the car and the body is bolted onto the frame. Most newer cars are built with a uni-body frame, where the entire body of the car acts as the frame and supports the entire load of the car. The newer vehicles are designed to crumple during a crash and thereby absorb some of the force of the impact. However, this often results in much greater property damage to the vehicle even in a lower impact collision.

Property Damage is a Good Indicator of the Severity of Personal Injuries

It is usually not necessary for our personal injury attorneys to fight with the insurance company over property damage because they generally pay the fair market value of client’s damaged vehicle when it is totaled, or pay the body shop bill to have the vehicle repaired. However, the amount of damage to the client’s vehicle is one of the factors our car wreck attorneys use to show why the client suffered sever injuries. Our car wreck attorneys also use the black-box (computer) data to help explain who was at fault for the wreck.

Basic Vehicle Maintenance Can Help Prevent Accidents

Simple things such as rotating the vehicle’s tires can help prevent accidents. Having a tire blow out while traveling at 70 miles per hour can easily cause a serious collision. Making sure the brakes on the car are working properly is something that should not be neglected. Similarly, if a warning or check engine indicator light comes on the vehicle, it should be serviced as soon as possible. Changing the vehicle windshield wiper blades before they become worn out is another easy task that can help keep driver visibility good and prevent accidents.

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