5 Myths About Car Accident Claims Debunked

5 Myths About Car Accident Claims Debunked

While car accident claims are designed to provide an injured person with adequate compensation after a serious crash, there are numerous misconceptions about how much compensation an injured individual can get and how that figure is determined. Here are 5 myths about car accident claims, debunked.

1. Car Accident Claim Laws Are the Same Across the Nation

Insurance laws regarding how a claim is evaluated and compensated differs from state to state. For example, Alabama’s insurance claim laws vary greatly from those in Mississippi. It’s important that you have an attorney on your side who can understand how the laws work in your state and how they can be used to your advantage.

2. Car Accident Settlements Are Often in the Millions

The truth is, multi-million dollar settlements, or even million dollar settlements, in a car accident claim are rare. There is a very specific way that insurance companies, attorneys, and courts come to a dollar amount. The majority of a settlement comes from the actual expenses that the injured individual incurred. If the injured person didn’t incur millions of dollars worth of damages, the settlement is unlikely to be that high either, unless there is another factor at play, such as life-altering disabilities or death.

3. If You Don’t Settle Right Away, Your Insurance Company Will Offer More

While it is true that insurance companies usually low-ball a claimant with their first offer, they may not necessarily offer a higher settlement if you wait it out. You’ll have to provide proof as to why their offer is too low, usually in the form of documentation of your expenses. In some cases, insurance companies still won’t increase their settlement offer, and a claimant is either forced to accept the settlement or move forward in litigation.

4. Being In Pain Will Give You a Higher Settlement

Courts are very wary nowadays with how much they award in a car accident settlement for pain and suffering. Often, getting any compensation for pain and suffering is difficult, and you must be able to provide overwhelming proof that your daily life is significantly impacted by the level of pain you are experiencing. However, a seasoned lawyer can help you secure documentation from your doctors to help prove your case.

5. Any Personal Injury Lawyer Can Handle My Case

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