What Makes Pepper & Odom Law Firm the Right Choice for You if You are Hurt in a Motor Vehicle Accident

What Makes Pepper & Odom Law Firm the Right Choice for You if You are Hurt in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Our Core Values: Empathy and Resolve

  • em·pa·thy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

When someone is involved in a serious Motor Vehicle Accident they are often confused and unsure what steps to take next. Often, part of our job as personal injury attorneys is to explain what legal rights an injury victim has. However, it is equally important that our attorneys be able to listen. By listening to our clients, we are able to relate to their problems and concerns. It is important to understand their feelings so we can give them the proper help they desire.

We hear our clients say “I feel overwhelmed from all this.” We understand the stress of healing, the pain and suffering, loss wages and figuring out how to pay the bills and the helpless feeling that comes from the runaround of dealing with the insurance adjusters.  Everyone at Pepper & Odom loves to help our clients get well and get their life back to normal.

  • re·solve: firm determination to do something.

Getting our clients the maximum recovery possible is no easy task. The Big Insurance Companies are dedicated to minimizing their exposure. They want to pay you as little as possible or nothing at all for your damages. They do this by giving people the runaround, finding inconsistencies, pointing the finger at the other person, and sometimes outright denying a valid claim.

At Pepper & Odom, our attorneys and staff have the resolve to get the job done. We have seen every trick in the book and we know how to deal with the insurance adjusters. We will investigate the facts of our client’s case and put the evidence together in the light most favorable for the case. We will leave no stone unturned, from gathering the medical records, the accident report, and witness statements, and all other evidence we need to win your case.

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