1. Does that Attorney focus on Personal Injury law? Some Attorneys will take on a personal injury case when that is not the normal area of Law that they practice in. You should ask the Attorney how many cases like yours he has handled and what outcome was achieved. For example, if you need to file bankruptcy, then hire a bankruptcy Attorney. If you’re hurt in a car wreck or similar accident, then hire a Personal Injury Attorney.
  2. Does that Attorney know how to build the strongest possible case? Personal Injury Law which include car wrecks, 18-wheeler accidents, motorcycle accidents, workers compensation, and slip & fall injuries are complex and require specific steps to be taken by your Attorney to properly prepare your case in the best manner to get you the best settlement or jury award possible.
  3. How much experience does that Attorney have? Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys generally handle hundreds of injury or accident cases per year. The top Personal Injury Attorneys are usually members of State and National Trial Lawyer Associations. An Attorney’s reputation in the community is an important factor on how seriously the insurance companies take your claim. The big insurance companies keep track records on Personal Injury Attorneys and they know which ones will fight to get you the best settlement possible!
  4. Where is the Attorney located? It is convenient when your Attorney’s Law Firm is located near you, but that should not be the reason to hire an Attorney. You want to hire an Attorney based on his knowledge, experience, and skill level. Most of the work on an injury or accident case can be handled over the phone, or by mail and email between you and your Attorney.
  5. Does the Attorney have the resources and time to handle your case? Some Attorneys are Firms may handle too many cases at once. This does not give them the time to focus on each client’s specific case as much as may be needed. You want to hire an Attorney that has the financial resources and staff in place to properly handle your case.

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