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The Social Security Disability Attorneys at Pepper & Odom understand the difficult process of applying for and winning your social security disability claim.

Social Security Disability Benefits Been Denied? If your Social Security Disability Benefits (SSD) Claim has been denied, you have the right to hire an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney to help you appeal the denial of your claim. There are four levels of appeal including (1) Reconsideration, (2) Hearing before the Administrative Law Judge “ALJ”, (3) review by the Appeals Counsel, and (4) Federal Court. Our Social Security Disability Attorneys have found that your best chance of getting approved come during step #2 the Hearing before the ALJ. Visit our website at for more information.

Social Security Disability Attorneys – Appeal Deadlines you should be aware of:

In order to file an appeal, you have sixty (60) days from the date you receive the letter telling you that your initial application for SSD benefits were denied. This is the time when most people decide to hire an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney to help the file their appeal with the Social Security Administration. If you do not file your appeal within the 60 day deadline, you may lose your right to appeal and the original denial of your claim becomes final. The appeal of your SSD claim must be in writing.
Hiring an experience Social Security Disability Attorney matters. Our SSD Attorneys represent clients in Mississippi and Alabama. Once you hire one of our SSD Attorneys, we will begin working on your appeal immediately and start gathering the medical documentation and other evidence to present at the hearing. A hearing is usually held within 75 miles of your home, and you will be notified ahead of time of the location, date, and time of the hearing.

What to expect at the Social Security Disability Hearing and how your Social Security Disability Attorneys can help:

The Administrative Law Judge will ask you question regarding you medical condition, your activity level before and after you filed for disability benefits, your education level, your work history, and other related questions about your disability. Generally, there is also a vocational expert there to assist the judge in determining whether there is any work you may be able to do. Our Social Security Disability Attorneys are here to help you during the hearing and present you claim and evidence in the best possible manner to get your claim approved. For more information, visit 

By: Attorney Everett Pepper

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