Does it matter which type attorney I hire for my auto accident?


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Yes. It does matter which type Attorney you hire for your auto accident claim. Most attorneys focus their practice in a certain area of law such as bankruptcy, family law, employment law, social security disability, or a specific area that they have experience in. The law is ever changing and there is just too many areas of law to know it all. A personal injury Attorney understands accidents and the laws pertaining to that area of law. An Attorney that does not understand the complex area of personal injury law may try their best, but they simply don’t have the experience to get you the maximum recovery possible. Accident Attorneys know the law and we know how to fight the big insurance companies to get you the maximum recovery possible.
Just like most doctors focus in a certain area of medicine, most lawyers focus in a certain area of law. If you have an accident, then you need an accident attorney. If you hire the wrong type of Attorney, you may still get a recovery for your injuries, but you may also leave money on the table.

Some options to consider:

Look at how many years the Attorney or Firm has been around? 

Although there are some very bright young Attorneys, experience does matter. However, even older Attorneys who have been practicing law for years, but never practiced personal injury law may be at just as much a disadvantage as a young Attorney when it comes to that type of case. As stated above, you want an Attorney who understand how to work on your TYPE of case.

How many Personal Injury claims or cases have they handled?

Generally, the more years an Attorney has been practicing, the more cases they have handled. Although every case is different, a lot of the processes are the same in every case. For example, medical treatment will be required when you are injured. An experienced Attorney will have worked with and have a good working relationship with many medical providers, doctors, and specialist in the State.

Does the Attorney or Firm have the financial resources to fund the cost of litigating your case?

Personal Injury cases can be very expensive for a Law Firm to handle. Since the Firm doesn’t get paid until the end when you do, they wait long periods of time before any money comes in from each case. Some difficult serious injury cases can take years to settle or get to trial. Meanwhile, case expenses are also being paid by the Firm out of packet. These expenses can really add up to a lot of money over time. Some examples are paying court reporters for Depositions, paying medical providers for medical records, and paying expert witness fees to retain their services. You want to hire a Personal Injury Firm with the financial resources to fully fund the case expenses and not cut corners by hiring cheaper experts or skimping on taking Depositions due to lack of money.

What is the reputation of the Attorney or Law Firm in the community?

Have you ever heard of the Law Firm or Attorney? Many personal Injury Attorneys and Firms advertise around the community. You may see billboards, TV commercials, Yellow Pages, and Radio Ads featuring certain Lawyers. If you do a Google search and can’t locate the Attorneys information, be careful. You can also call the State Bar Association and ask for background information about any licensed Attorney.

Does the Attorney/Firm have a website, Facebook account, Blog?

It is very uncommon for a Law Firm or Attorney in private practice not to have a website in today’s age. Many years ago, Attorneys were not allowed to advertise, however today it is very common to see Attorney/law Firm advertisements. Facebook and similar social media companies have provided an additional way for Lawyers to advertise and attract new clients. Google also makes it easy to find an Attorney near you on Google Places (the map). If a Law Firm doesn’t have a website, Facebook page, or is listed on Google, you should be careful considering hiring such an unknown firm.

Does the Attorney/Firm have good Online Reviews?

Google and Facebook reviews have become a great way for clients to find out what the Lawyers reputation is. No reviews or bad reviews is a warning sign to keep a look out for. A couple bad reviews is not the end of the world (because you can’t make all the people happy all the time) but how many reviews they have and whether the reviews are favorable is important to consider when deciding which Attorney or Law Firm you hire to handle your claim.

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Pepper and Odom law firm has handled hundreds of personal injury claims and cases involving car wrecks, 18-wheeler collisions, motorcycle crashes, multiple vehicle pile ups, bus accidents, train collisions, helicopter crashes, and many more. Pepper & Odom Injury Attorneys have help our clients recover Millions of dollars for their injuries. Our firm has the financial resources to fund the cost of litigation along with out of pocket case expenses that will arise.

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