Does it matter which type attorney I hire for my auto accident?


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Yes. Most attorneys focus their practice in a certain area of law such as bankruptcy, family law, employment law, social security disability, or a specific area that they have experience in. The law is ever changing and there is just too many areas of law to know it all. A personal injury attorney understands accidents and the laws pertaining to that area of law. An attorney that does not understand the complex area of personal injury law may try their best, but they simply don’t have the experience to get you the maximum recovery possible. Accident attorneys know the law and we know how to fight the big insurance companies to get you the maximum recovery possible.
Just like most doctors focus in a certain area of medicine, most lawyers focus in a certain area of law. If you have an accident, then you need an accident attorney. If you hire the wrong type of attorney, you may still get a recovery for your injuries, but you may also leave money on the table.